insist on a margin of safety

invest in businesses we understand

invest for the long term

eat our own cooking

Focused Investors LLC (FI) is an independent investment management firm founded in 2006 and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. FI manages assets for institutional clients including corporations, employee benefit plans, foundations, and endowments as well as wealthy individuals. The firm's partners are disciplined, value investors and each has over 35 years of investing experience, most of which was gained while working together. The following principles guide how we invest our clients' (and our own) assets.

  • We concentrate in our best ideas.
  • We focus on high-quality companies.
  • We insist on a margin of safety.
  • We only invest in businesses we understand.
  • We invest for the long-term.
  • We eat our own cooking.

We encourage you to explore our website and contact us if you would like to learn more about our investment services.